Font Awesome V4.7.0

This is an iconic font set you can use to display icons across your Web Weaver CMS site quickly and easily.

We used this version on sites up to 2017. If you want to use V5 please contact us »

Step 1

Follow this link:

Step 2

Choose an icon and click on it - in our example we have chosen a phone

Step 2

Step 3

You will see the code you need beneath the image.

Paste the code snippet directly beneath the image code.

Step 3

This is the code from our example:

<i class="fa fa-phone-square" aria-hidden="true"></i>

Copy it to your clipboard by hitting Ctrl + C simultaneously.

Step 4

Next you need to paste the code in the CMS

When in the relevant section of the CMS paste the code by hitting Ctrl V in the place you want the icon to appear.

Step 4

End Result After Publishing

Step 5

Need to do more such as rotate or change the icon size?

Follow the link below: