Font Awesome - Latest Version - V5

This is an iconic font set you can use to display icons across your Web Weaver CMS site quickly and easily.

Step 1

Follow this link for the FREE set of 1609 icons:

If you want to use the Pro Icons you will need to purchase a license.

Step 2

Choose an icon and click on it - in our example we have chosen an info circle

Step 2

Step 3

You will see the code you need above the image.

Left click on the image code and it will be copied to your clipboard.

This is the code from our example:

<i class="fas fa-info-circle"></i>

The icon will be black when added to the CMS, not the colour in the image above.

Step 4

Next you need to paste the code in the CMS

When in the relevant section of the CMS paste the code by hitting Ctrl V in the place you want the icon to appear.

Step 4

End Result After Publishing

Step 5