Planning & Preparing Website Content


  • Make an initial plan on paper
  • The page names you have should form the navigation menu
  • Write original text & keep it to the point
  • Do not put all your text in one paragraph
  • Use headings to separate your paragraphs
  • Do not write text just for the sake of it
  • Do not copy text directly from another website
  • Keep your key words or key phrases high up in the content.
  • Do not use keyword stuffing techniques which is overly repeating your keywords - the search engines, including Google, could block your website from being indexed
  • Use short descriptive captions for web pages that have content comprising of text mixed with photos


  • Photos: Acceptable formats: .jpg / .jpeg
  • Logos: Transparent .png is recommended
  • Photos: Best aspect ratio for horizontal screen viewing (portrait): 16:9


  • Formats: MP4 / M4V / OGG / WEBM
  • The aspect ratio should be 16:9
  • Sizes should be 1280px x 720px